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Kanazi Water Well 2018
The Roots Network

Kanazi Water Well 2018

Kanazi is another area near Musenyi that we visited during New Beginnings Baptist Church's mission trip last month. It's really an awesome story... you should keep reading! In July of 2017, a member from First Baptist Church in Crossett, Arkansas, through a Facebook connection, joined NBBC on their Rwanda mission trip. She shared pictures and updates back to her Pastor and was able to share her story when she got home. After hearing about her experience and what God is doing in Rwanda, FBCC took a love offering one Sunday morning and raised $4000 for a water well in Rwanda and donated it to NBBC! Kanazi is the location where First Baptist Crossett, in partnership with New Beginnings and The Roots Network, placed the well that you'll see in the video... a truly beautiful example of what it looks like when the body of Christ, united under the banner of the Gospel, comes together in partnership. Last month, with the NBBC team, we went and celebrated the well with the local community. As part of the celebration, we gave out toothbrushes and a brief demonstration on proper brushing and hygiene. A team member shared the Gospel and 21 people gave their lives to Christ (including one of the contractors that built the well!), and then the entire team washed the feet of those 21 people... using the clean water flowing from the well! It was an incredible day of celebration of clean water and new life from the one who is the Living Water (John 7:38). Photos by Katy Adamson and various other members of the NBBC team! Music by
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