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Church Planting - Karwema Burundi

New Beginnings Karwema (ka-gway-ma) Church is among the 8 Churches we have been able to plant and it’s really a “church of reference” in terms of community outreach because it is bringing holistic transformation. We visited this place early 2012 to do a survey in the community of Batwa people with the aim of organizing an outreach in that community. My heart was really touched by the kind of life they were living. I remember crying loud because it was my first time to see miserable people with the struggles I saw. That community was so poor, unhealthy and without any hope or trust in the God of the Bible because most of them believed in witchcraft and the men instead of working with their own hands, they decided to be stealing cattles.

After that mission of 2012, I found there a Man of Peace whose name is Abumelec. This man grabbed my vision and since then I started coaching him about church leadership and discipleship. In 2017, we planted a church in that community of Karwema. From then I have witnessed a community being transformed by the Word of God from being lazy to working hard, withcraft to following Christ, stealing to contentment. They were developed both physically and spiritually. To my surprise they built their own church facility and we only contributed with the roofing.

Karwema Church has now 6 Elders, 2 from them are the product of our being there. We preached to them and baptized them and empowered them to be the best leaders that God wants them and these 2 are among the men who used to steal cattles. WOW!

Praise be to God, the Author and the Finisher of this ministry we are doing and a special THANK YOU to TRN for your continuous support towards the success of this vision. Your giving enabled us to preach the Gospel to unbelievers, to disciple them and to plant healthy churches that are Bible-based and Christ-centered. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only source of transformation the world needs and the church is the vessel that He has given us bring about that change. Thank you for enabling us to be a part of it.

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